Select from the below to get your WTE on

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are the WTE packages installed on Xubuntu 12.04 and rar’ed to make them smaller.

Virtual Machines are provided as "hard drive" files. Setup your VM as normal and use the file you download as its hard drive.

Install on your existing Linux

These should work on any .deb based system. Most testing has been done on Xubuntu. If you have issues on a different distro, please post the situation to the mail list.

Add the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

# OWASP WTE Repository
deb /

If you’re totally brave and like things breaking, you can add the testing repo as well:

# OWASP WTE TEST Repository - YMMV
deb /

Bootable ISO image

Full disclosure: I’ve not made a ISO image since I switched over to .deb packages. However, I do know that OWASP Mantra OS is using some of the WTE packages for the bootable ISO they offer.

For now, try OWASP Mantra OS

As soon as I get a working ISO image created, I’ll put it here.

One of the problems is that just the /opt/owasp/ directory (where all the tools are installed) had grown to 732 MB in 2010. Bootable CDs top out at 650 MB so the bootable ISO will have to be either an DVD or just really big. If you’re downloading a read-only file that is that big, you might as well download the VM and take a snapshot so you can revert to the last state if you’re wanting to keep it pristine.

Either that or I’ll create a meta-package which has a much smaller set of tools to keep the size down. I’ve not completely decided quite yet.